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The Voluntary Firemen of the Covilhã had been established in 21 of July 1875 for João Cândido Pinto and António Baptista João.

In its first years of life this corporation was strong on to the industry of wool manufacturing, much for guilt of Jose Maria Campos Melo.

In 1892, its first service of health with a stretcher and a stretcher.

The 9 of July of 1900, the corporation was come across with first the great fire, in the Theatro Callega. In June of 1907, a fire in the Miner provokes eight dead ones.

The 7 of May of 1926, the corporation is distinguished with the gold medal of the city for given services.

The 3 of February of 1928, are awarded with the degree of knight of the military order of the tower and sword value, loyalty and merit.

The 10 of February of 1931 are considered by the decree, of public utility. From the corporation it started there to be on to the support to the population.

In 1978 it receives crachat from gold of the league of the Portuguese firemen (congress of the Estoril).

In 1993 it created 1ºGroup of rescue in mountain. At this moment the corporation has its position 55,640 km2, of among which we detach 31 clienteles, 4 industrial parks (industry aeronautics/wool manufacturing), 1 university, the zone history of the city, some schools and hotels.