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For your security the Voluntary Firemen of the Covilhã make the following recommendations:

apontador In General:

marca To Call the firemen that always necessary, that is, to certify itself that the presence of the firemen is exactly necessary.

Note: The Call unnecessary of the firemen can compromise the life of the next one, case this really needs our aid.

apontador In Home:

marca Not to leave fireplaces you have access without that it is present in house;

marca Not to remain much time close to a fireplace under the risk being able to be intoxicate;

marca To always have well ventilated the small spaces of the house, when these have fireplaces;

marca Not to cover radiators with blankets;

marca When a fire is given try to close the zones where this if finds;

marca To elaborate plain of emergency;

marca To always have an extinguisher in the kitchen;

marca To make the cleanness of the exhaust fans;

apontador In The Mountain:

marcaTo always respect the existing signals in the road;

marcaTo never leave the road with fog;

marcaIn snow case, to always use chains in its viatura;

marcaIn case that the car is blocked does not remain inside of it with the on car, under the poisoning risk;

marcaTo always take adequate clothes;

marcaTo never walk alone for places that do not know, always with people expert of the place;

marcaNot to go up inclinations with ice;

marcaTo always take the deposit of the car full;

marcaTo always have rich foods in calories (Ex:chocolates);

marcaIt always keeps the mobil phone in conditions;

marcaIn accident case, to always inform the kilometre where if it finds to facilitate its localization;

marcaTo always inform somebody of the places that so that intends to frequentar in the mountain in the case of if losing to be more easy to find it;